Copyediting vs Copywriting Who Makes More Money?

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Copyediting vs copywriting what is the difference? And which one can make you more money?

In this article you’ll discover…

  • Why the top freelance copywriters earn more than 90% of copywriters.
  • Why copy editing might bore you to tears… Or put you to sleep.
  • How to use your creativity to earn you more as a copywriter.

Let’s dive right in…

Copyediting vs Copywriting What Is The Main Difference Between The Two?

If you think of yourself as more of a creative person, then you might be more suited to writing copy.

Copywriters create original content that is usually persuasive written content that motivates the reader to take a form of action.

Copywriters write content for a specific target audience to…

  1. Motivate the reader to make a purchase…
  2. Join an email list…
  3. Click a link…
  4. Schedule a sales consultation…

If you enjoy creative writing then you may enjoy this more than copyediting because…


One Of The Main Goals Of A Copywriter, Is To Get You To Read The Next Line Of Copy.

Which may even be a blog post but don’t confuse that with ordinary content writing.

Copywriters work toward building skill sets that use precise persuasive language too illicit a response from the reader.

So the short answer is, a good copywriter can make more money than copy editors.

At least the top 10% can, more about that in a moment.

What Is The Difference Between A Copywriter And Content Writer?

A content writer is different that a copy writer or copy editors because a content writers actual work is focused on content marketing.

For example they might create informational blog posts where a copywriter would create a sales letter to sell a product.

And the copy editor would review the final draft of both copywriting and content writing.


Why Should You Choose Copywriting Over Copyediting?

It is not always just about the money, if you enjoy…

  • Using the written word to motivate the reader…
  • Speaking to a brand’s audience…
  • Persuading readers with a logical argument…

If you like to focus on the bigger picture instead of correcting spelling errors then forget copy editing.

Let me explain further…

What Does A Copy Editor Do Exactly?

Copy editors ensure that writers create high quality content that is free of grammatical errors.

And they also correct inaccuracies during the editing process, which also includes fact checking.

In a nutshell, a copy editors job is to make sure…

  1. The written content is accurate…
  2. The structure, spelling and punctuation is correct…
  3. They verify the quality of the final product.

A copy editor requires meticulous attention to detail and ensures consistent quality of the sentence structure and everything else.

What Are Known As The Five C’s Of Copy Editing?

  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Correct
  • Comprehensible
  • Consistent

Copy Editor, Boring Or Fun?

It depends on your personality and writing style, a good copy editor can earn more than mediocre freelance writers.

But in demand copywriters make way more money that your average editor would.

In some cases you could be in charge of both copywriting and copy editing depending on the situation.

Sometimes you are expected to do both…

Top 10% Of Copywriters Earn More Than 6 Figures Or More.

Let’s face it, if you can write sales copy that helps to sell a product better than other copy writers you are competing against. Then you are going to be able to name your price.

I personally know some copywriters that charge between ten thousand to fifteen thousand dollars to write a long form sales letter. Which usually takes less then a week to complete.

If you don’t know what a long form sales letter is, it is basically a very long sales letter designed to motivate the reader to make a purchase.

Copyediting vs Copywriting Be Done By The Same Person?

If you are a high paid copywriter it may be expected that you also do the copy editing as well as part of a package price.

So you may find that you are just not doing the copywriting but both the writing and editing.

Hopefully I haven’t confused you with the different examples. It really depends if you are a freelance writer or employed by a large company or business.

What type of situation suits you better? Let me know in the comment section below.


What Kind Of Skills Do You Need As A Copywriter?

When it comes to copywriting you have to be creative but even more important than creativity. You have to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the person your are writing to.

For example you have to be able to describe the readers problem by tapping into their emotions as well as appealing to their logical side.

A regular copy editors work does not require the same level of creativity or persuasion they are more focused on fixing errors.

Good copywriting differs because it often involves the use of story telling, to draw the reader in and to keep them reading long enough to persuade them to take an action.

What Is The Most You Have Paid A Copywriter?

Before I started writing my own sales copy, I hired several experienced copywriters. To write a few long form sales letters for some digital products.

I knew that a talented copywriter could make a huge difference in sales conversions and they are worth the added expense.

So the first copywriter I hired, I paid nine thousand dollars to write a long form sales letter.

At the time, I actually had to put some of his fee on a credit card. But I was confident in his writing ability but it was still partly a gamble.

Do you want to know how it turned out? Did I make enough sales to cover his fee?


The Writer Did Such A Great Job Using Persuasive Language…

When I was selling my first digital product on Clickbank, I was just hoping to at least pay for the copywriter I had hired to write the sales letter.

Can you guess what happened the first day my first digital product went on sale?

You are probably not going to believe this and I understand with all the hype that is on the internet, why you may be skeptical.

But I made over ten thousand dollars in sales on the first day and that isn’t the best part…

In the first 30 days of launching my first product, I made over two hundred thousand in gross sales before paying commissions to affiliates.

200K, that is just crazy for an e-book that was selling for $37…

The Power Of Hiring A Writer With Skills…

I’m not sharing this story with you to brag or to be boastful. I can’t take any credit for the sales at all.

All the credit goes to the skilled and creative copywriter that was able to use the power of a good story to motivate the reader to make a purchase.

If you can keep the prospect reading, you have a greater chance to make a sale.

Combining a story with a compelling sales offer is an in demand skill.

When It Comes To Copyediting vs Copywriting?

I may be biased but I will always choose a skilled copy writer over a copy editor any day of the week.

Sure they cost more than a copy editor but for good reason. They can make a difference between a winning or losing offer.

If you are interested in being a copywriter, leave a comment below and let me know.

I would enjoy seeing some of your work.

Although I do most of my own copywriting these days, I do love reading good sales copy and you never really stop learning the craft.

If you would like to become a better copywriter check out my good friend sites Copy Chief.

What ever path you choose copyediting vs copywriting I wish you the best in your career.

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