7 Best Website Copywriters You Need To See

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If you are searching for the best website copywriters, then pull your seat in a little closer… Because you are about to discover 7 top copywriters that can write…

  • compelling copy
  • conversion copy
  • web copy

And much, much more, the copywriters you are about to discover in a moment are some of the best you’ll find in the freelance copywriting business.

These are some of the best website copywriters that you need to see, so lets dive right in…

Copywriting Services You Can Count On…

If you are a business owner who wants to improve their sales pages or you just want to improve your personal branding.

Then you need the best copywriter you can find and unfortunately some of the best copywriters don’t necessarily have the most attractive copywriting website. Let me explain…

You probably know the old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover and that holds true for a few of the copywriter website examples you are about to see.

They are writers first remember?


This Isn’t a Random Search For The Best Copywriter Websites

Let me explain, this article is not about great copywriter website examples in the sense that this article is not about how good their website looks.

I’m assuming you are looking for a good copywriter and not someone who is talented at web design. If you are looking for someone who provides copywriting services then keep reading.

Because you are about to discover some top notch direct response copywriters that have worked for some major brands and who have written sales copy that converts like crazy.

Let’s start with Abbey Woodcock over the course of her writing career, she has written website copy for New York Times best selling authors.

As well as for high profile product launches which have done sales into the millions of dollars.

Here’s where you can find out more about Abbey Woodcock.

I have to be honest if you are just judging her site based on it’s appearance. It is not a great copywriter website example.

Most Freelance Copywriter Websites Kind Of Suck… Really?

I know that sounds kind of harsh but most of the best copywriter websites I have seen are not that visually appealing to some of their ideal clients…

Which makes sense if you think about it, they are focused on copywriting for a specific target audience. And less concerned with creating beautiful web pages or content marketing.

Of the best copywriter website examples you are about to discover, this next one is an exception.

It actually looks pretty good, as well it is a great example of how to write copy that appeals to a potential client.


Check Out This Copywriting Example…

“Want to convert more cold traffic, build trust with your subscribers and win customers for life?”

What online business owner doesn’t want that?

April Dykman’s writing style draws you in and makes you want to keep reading. Which is what good copywriting is designed to do.

Forget about a visually stunning website and ask yourself does the copywriting on their own website speak to you?

Because if they can’t sell their own copywriting services how are they going to help you?

You can check out April’s home page here.

Does The Copywriting Speak To Prospective Clients?

If you are searching for copywriter services you have to make sure you are compelled enough by the writing to read past the first line of website content.

If you are not, then you might be better off writing your own copy for your own site. Great copywriters should be able to pull you in and make you want to read more.

If their headline doesn’t stop you scrolling, who cares about how much social proof or testimonials they have.


Looking For A Online Portfolio?

Here is another solid copywriter that I know personally and can recommend. His name is Dean Edelson and you can learn more about some of his previous projects on his site.

If you want to make more money, then Dean might just be the copywriter you are looking for. He helped me to write a video upsell script that converted like crazy.

His site has some amazing testimonials from site owners in different niche markets. Which reminds me of another point when searching for a copywriter.

Some copywriters only specialize in one or two niche markets. So make sure when you are looking for a good copywriter, that they are familiar your potential clients and niche.

Not All Copywriters Are Created Equal.

If you are looking for a direct response copywriter who is a great story teller as well. Then you should have a look at Carolynn Ananian.

She does a great job of combining stories that pull you in while at the same time persuading you to take an action. You can’t ask for more than that.

You can learn more about Carolynn’s unique writing style on her website.

Again it is not super fancy, but she is a thoughtful writer who can really write copy that pulls at your heart strings.


Great Copywriter Website Example…

I saved one of the best copywriting websites for last. This site not only has compelling copy but it is also a great portfolio site.

Of all the freelance writers, Michal has probably the best looking home page. It would appeal to just about anyone searching for freelance copywriting.

I know I said earlier that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and that is true. But you can’t deny that a professional looking website can make a difference.

If you are comparing the work of two equally talented copywriters and one has a much better looking website. Then that could definitely push you over the edge.

You can have a look at Michal’s website and judge for yourself.

Looking For Web Content Or A Content Strategist?

Don’t be fooled by the look of this copywriters website. If you are looking for someone to help you push your business forward you may want to consider Mike Rinard.

Especially if you want to create high converting ads on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to check out his writing style you can download his free e-book Facebook Ad Magic.

Copywriting for ads is a different skill set, then writing a blog post as part of a content marketing strategy.

Ads require short, snappy copywriting that stops the reader from scrolling and compels them to click through.


What To Look For When Hiring A Copywriter For Your Own Website?

  1. Does their copywriting speak to you?
  2. Does it stop you from scrolling?
  3. Do you want to read the next sentence?
  4. Are they familiar with your target audience?

Quality copywriting is much harder than it initially seems, one piece of advice when it comes to hiring a copywriter.

You have to trust your gut, does their writing style speak to your ideal prospect? If the answer is yes and you get a good vibe then give them a try with a smaller assignment first.

If they can write a smaller compelling piece of copy you will feel much better about hiring them for a larger job.

How Much Does Good Copywriting Cost?

That is a difficult one to answer, a lot depends on what you need. Do you require?

  • Long form sales copy?
  • Email sales copy?
  • Social media copy?
  • Video sales script?
  • Ad copy?

Expect To Pay More For Long Form Sales Copywriting Or Video Scripts.

Especially if you are hiring a copywriter with a proven track record of success. For long form sales letters some copywriters charge ten thousand dollars or more.

I know that sounds like a lot but depending on the price of your product and the amount of traffic you are expecting. It could pay for itself quite easily.

Provided of course you have a quality product and a convincing hook to begin with. Not to mention it also depends on the market or niche you are in as well.

Copywriting Who Needs A Website?

The next copywriter is well known in the business and does a great job delivering for his clients. I’ve hired him for several long form sales letters in the past and they all did awesome.

He is more on the pricer end of things so be prepared for that if you reach out.

He no longer has his own website, maybe he doesn’t need one anymore.

You can get in touch with Vin Montello via his Linkedin profile.


If You Don’t Have The Budget For Copywriting, Then What?

If you have ever though of being a freelance writer then copywriting is a great skill to have under your belt. Whether you are writing your own sales copy for your own website or for someone else.

Quite a few copywriters I mentioned in this article were members of Copy Chief run by veteran copy writer Kevin Rogers.

If you are thinking about becoming a copywriter yourself, I highly recommend that you check out Copy Chief.

I’ve been a member their myself and it is a great place to improve your copywriting in short amount of time.

How To Become A Student Of Copywriting?

There are good learning opportunities everywhere, for example pay attention to Facebook or Instagram ads and how the offers are structured.

  • What is their hook?
  • What is their unique selling proposition?
  • Is the offer new and unique?
  • Are you compelled to click to learn more?

Click on the ad and follow it through to their website. Do you land on sales letter, a video or a landing page asking for your email?

If you join there list what are there follow up emails like?

In closing…


Best Website Copywriters In No Particular Order…

  • Abbey Woodcock
  • Dean Edelson
  • April Dykman
  • Vin Montello
  • Carolynn Ananian
  • Mike Rinard
  • Michal Eisikowitz
  • Kevin Rogers

I know the article says the seven best copywriters but I threw in a bonus writer for you. And I am sure there are many I could have included and left out.

A Couple More Tips For Hiring A Copywriter.

  • Be clear on the word count
  • Agree on a timeline for completion
  • Are there any rewrites included?
  • Only pay half of their fee upfront.

I Hope You Found This Article On The Best Website Copywriters Useful.

Again I wrote this post with the focus being on the quality of the copywriting and the reputation of the writers not on the best looking websites.

A lot of great copywriters have mediocre websites for some reason. I guess the quality of their writing and reputation is enough to seal the deal.

Let me know if there are any copywriters out there that you feel should be on this list and I will check them out and consider adding them.

Just leave their name and a link to their website in the comment section below.

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